City Council

Council agenda

May 4, 2004- 7:30 PM - TOWN HALL

1. Invocation – Pastor Jerome Young – Holy Faith Pentecostal Church

2. Pledge to the Flag.

3. Roll Call.

4. Approval of Minutes – April 20, 2004.

5. Courtesy of the Floor. (for public comment on Ordinances and Resolutions to be voted on by Council this evening)

6. Old Business.

7. Communications:

A. Mayor Callahan – Return of Vetoed Ordinance No. 4248
B. City Solicitor – Use Permit Agreement for Public Property – Steelworkers’ Archives – Bethlehem Historical and Cultural Festival
C. City Solicitor – Amendment No. 1 to Lease Agreement – Food Stands at Memorial and Saucon Pools
D. Deputy Director of Community Development – Adopting Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code
E. Director of Planning and Zoning – Proposed Zoning Amendments along Schoenersville Road

8. Reports:

A. President of Council.
B. Mayor.
1. Administrative Order – David Brong – Water and Sewer Resources Director
C. Parks and Public Property Committee (Mrs. Belinski)

9. Ordinances for Final Passage:

A. Ordinance No. 4248 – Bond Issue – Hirko Settlement - $7.39 Million

10. New Ordinances:

11. Resolutions:
A. Reconsidering Ordinance No. 4248 – Overriding Mayor’s Veto
B. Authorizing Execution of Use Permit Agreement – Boutique at the Rink
C. Authorizing Execution of Use Permit Agreement – Gaelic Sports Spectacular Event
D. Certificate of Appropriateness – 129 West Third Street
E. Certificate of Appropriateness – 217 Broadway
F. Certificate of Appropriateness – 728 East Fourth Street
G. Certificate of Appropriateness – 28 East Third Street
H. Certificate of Appropriateness – 501-503 East Fourth Street
I. Certificate of Appropriateness – 217 East Third Street

12. New Business.
13. Courtesy of the Floor. (for public comment on any subject)
14. Adjournment.