City Council

Council agenda

November 5, 2003- 7:30 PM - TOWN HALL

Invocation – Father Carmen Bolock of Our Lord’s Ascension Polish Catholic Church

2. Pledge to the Flag.

3. Roll Call.

* Public Hearing

4. Approval of Minutes – October 21, 2003.

5. Courtesy of the Floor. (for public comment on ordinances and
resolutions to be voted on by Council this evening)

6. Old Business.

7. Communications:

A. Deputy Director of Community Development – Amending Article 1160 – Dangerous Animals
B. City Clerk – Article 951 – Pedestrian Malls
C. City Solicitor – Amendment No. 1 to Lease Agreement – Ice Skating Rink Food Concession Stand
D. City Solicitor – Proposed Revisions to Animal Ordinance – Amending Article 1159 and Repealing Article 709

8. Reports:

A. President of Council.
B. Mayor.

1. Administrative Order – Charles Shoemaker – Codes Board of Appeals
2. Administrative Order – Lee Snyder – Codes Board of Appeals
3. Administrative Order – Frank Toth – Codes Board of Appeals
4. Administrative Order – Constantine Loupos – Zoning Hearing Board

C. Finance Committee (Mr. Callahan)

9. Ordinances for Final Passage:

A. Bill No. 48 – 2003 – Amending Article 107 – Transfer of EMS Bureau to Fire Department

10. New Ordinances:


11. Resolutions:

A. Approving 2004 Action Plan – CDBG and HOME Programs
B. Approving Increase – Skating Fees
C. Approving Use Permit Agreement – Christkindlmarkt 2003
D. Approving Use Permit Agreement – Live Bethlehem Christmas Pageant 2003
E. Approving Use Permit Agreement – American Association for University Women – 2004 Book Fair
F. Amending Fire Civil Service Rules and Regulations – Deletion of One-Year Residency Requirement
G. Transfer of Funds – Five Points Traffic Study and National Register Nomination
H. Transfer of Funds – Golf Course – Temporary Help
I. Transfer of Funds – Transfer of Funds – Water Filtration – Overtime
J. Transfer of Funds – Information Services – Temporary Help


NOVEMBER 5, 2003

11. Resolutions: (cont’d)

K. Certificate of Appropriateness – 10 West Fourth Street
L. Certificate of Appropriateness – 511-513 East Fourth Street
M. Certificate of Appropriateness – 321 South New Street
N. Authorizing Execution of Amendment No. 1 to Lease Agreement – Ice Skating Rink Food Concession Stand

12. New Business.

13. Courtesy of the Floor. (for public comment on any subject)

14. Adjournment.

*Prior to the consideration of the regular Agenda items, a Public Hearing will be conducted to consider amendments to the 2003 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program to recognize transfers in the amount of $70,000 to create two new 2003 activities, as follows: Decrease the activity Acquisition/Demolition Contingency by $70,000, from $200,000 to $130,000; establish a new 2003 activity, National Register Nomination/South Bethlehem Historic Conservation District, in the amount of $35,000; establish a new 2003 activity, Wyandotte Street Corridor/Traffic and Parking Study, in the amount of $35,000.