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The Bethlehem Police Mounted Unit has recently been restored to Bethlehem Downtown after a 63 year hiatus. The acquisition of Raven and Hamlet has brought a new tool to the Bethlehem Police Department and the city. The long absent clop, clop of horses hooves echo back to a different time, the same as our vibrant downtown and business districts represent.

The benefits are many to our citizens and business including,

  • Visibility, visibility for the officers to see greater and for the officers to be seen at a greater distance.
  • Mobility, Horses have proven very effective in negotiating woodlands and Parks. The Nature trail, Tow path, Monocacy, and Saucon parks.
  • Crowd Control, Both officer and mount will be trained in crowd control. Whether it be moving a small group of people off of a particular section of grass, escorting an ambulance through the dense crowd of a concert, or keeping pathways open during special events,
  • Community Policing, They represent good-will ambassadors to the city, the majority of a mounted officer’s job is being in the public. A horse will be a curious sight in the City of Bethlehem on the street or in a park and people want to meet their four-legged partner.
  • Ultimate Green Vehicle, The mounted unit will not burn fossil fuels and the by products will be natural and bio degradable.

Click on image for high resolution photo

Officer Brooks on Hamlet

Officer Mouer on Raven


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